For This One Life Will Soon Be Over; Only What Is Done For Christ Will Remain.

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    I will not forget a girl who can run towards me one evening during one of my trips to Dubai. I was in the company of friends when the girl came towards me and hugged me calling me Pastor Charles. I was taken a back but on further inquiry she reminded me that I prayed for her to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior in Kijabe girls sometimes in 2003. I never imagined such a thing would ever happen to me and God reminded me that my labor in him is not in vain. I love what I do because there is no telling what would be the ripple effect of a transformed life.

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    The journey of a believer has often being compared to a pilgrimage through a dry desert. We all know how easily one can get lost in the vast desert that is life and how it can be quite overwhelming for the traveller with all the associated challenges. This page is designed to refresh all the pilgrims travelling in this journey through godly inspirations based on the Holy Scriptures that can enable them finish the journey strong. The idea is to have them fix their eyes on God has enlisted them for the journey so that they do not give up. You will find it helpful if you are looking for daily encouragement and inspirations that will enable you find your way in the barren land. Feel free to access more resources that are available for you in – Facebook Page, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter

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    A Christian message showing what being God’s children entails

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Holding on Beyond Hope!

October 21, 2020 Waiting is one of the most difficult terminologies for the human race who prefer the immediate and the sudden. Much of the troubles and challenges we face every day have to do with our...

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Nursing on Jackal breasts.

October 20, 2020 It is possible to miss out on God’s intervening measures when we go through the worst of circumstances. It becomes difficult for us to see our Father’s hand of sustenance when...

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The last portion!

October 19, 2020 Someone once said that when you come to the end of hope, tie a rope and hang in there. The last portion is the last bit that remains when all else is gone. It’s the last meal...

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Meet Charles Peter

Charles Peter is a minister of God’s word based in Nairobi Kenya. After his university education, Charles Peter founded the Fountain of Hope Ministries through which God has used him for over 20 years, to spread hope that is founded on God’s word to thousands of young people in High schools and colleges across Kenya. God has used him to see the transformation of many lives largely through forums that are focused on young people both locally and outside Kenya.

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