The promised land.

April 24, 2020 / Comments (0)

We are living at a time when people are not really focused on what they want. A time where anything goes and whatever comes our way whether it was in our plans or not will do. We no longer have pin pointed prayers or specifics and our prayers are largely generalized. We don’t have a specific promised land we are aiming at and any piece of land along the way will do. The scriptures says that God created us for some specific assignment that He prepared for us in advance for us to do. It’s not everything there is out there that is meant for us to do. As the Apostle Paul put it, we are to take hold of that which Christ has already gotten hold of us. It’s not everything in God’s storeroom that’s meant for us. We serve a God of specifics who does not give his children stones when they ask for bread nor a snake when they ask for a fish. Where have you generalized your prayers with no specifics? Where are you guilty of stealing other people blessings just because you are never specific on what you want? Where have you allowed what is yours to go just because you were never aware it’s what you asked? Our God is not color blind when it comes to our asking. Blue is blue to him and not purple or any other color. Unless we are focused on our promised land, we shall settle for anything along the way then we start crying when it’s taken away from us!
“Will you not take what your god Chemosh gives you? Likewise, whatever the Lord our God has given us, we will possess.”Judges‬ ‭11:24‬ ‭NIV‬‬

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