All Seasons Grace!

July 19, 2020 / Comments (0)

One thing we know very well is that life is not a straight line. We have good days and in equal measure we have bad days. There are highs and lows and we have times of excitement and sorrow. We also know that we don’t have the power to choose one over the other and we always live hoping for the best but prepared for whatever may happen. Believers are also aware that knowing God and maintaining a walk with him does not give us a pass over pain. What makes a difference is the assurance that we don’t go through the afflictions of fire alone for God is always with his children. What we may not know is that God avails special grace to his children based on what they are facing in life. He dispenses grace that’s equal the phase of life we are going through. We don’t have to worry what we shall do or how we shall behave when something bad happens to us because the scriptures promises that God will give us grace that is equal the days we are in. What makes life enjoyable for believers is this unique supply of grace that God gives us for both good days and bad days. It is not us who live but Christ by the power of Holy Spirit lives within us who equips saints on how to respond to different seasons and their challenges. We can therefore confidently say that we don’t have bad days but the grace we require to live whatever day is dispensed to us by God. We get special grace to help us in our times of need. Where do you feel tempted to think that God retreats from us during difficult times? Where do you feel the season is becoming unbearable for you? What challenge are you considering your worst? God has special grace for you for He avails strength that is equal whatever circumstances life brings your way. God says our sandals are like iron and bronze and we can walk strong in whatever environment!
“Your sandals shall be iron and bronze; As your days, so shall your strength be.” Deuteronomy‬ ‭33:25‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

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