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On the 26 th January, we had the opportunity to reach out to students of Kirogo Boys and Makuyu Girls during their Sunday services. It was a great time to interact with the students especially the Form 1’s who recently joined the institutions. A total of 35 students gave their lives to Jesus Christ during the mission.

Drawing from the book of Isaiah Chapter 61 and with a theme of arise and shine, the students were exhorted to make use of every opportunity that God brings our way to shine. They should thank God for their privilege of joining high school which is a light that God has given them and for which they must arise and shine. While God provides the light, it is our responsibility to shine.

We trust God for a great mission year as we reach out to students for God. This is the generation that God has entrusted us with and every believer must arise and leave a mark for God in the lives of our young ones. Like an Olympic torch, God has passed over to us the shining torch of the gospel and we have a responsibility to pass it over to the coming generation. That is our responsibility to make sure that God influences the lives of our children and the children after them and that God will always have a voice in the ages to come.

Pray with us for the upcoming missions and that God will continue opening doors for ministry in schools especially at such a time as this when government controls and unsound doctrines continue to infiltrate our institutions of learning.

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