When God finds Ishmael!

November 7, 2020 As humans, we have numerous limitations. There is a limit as to how much we can bear in situations. We are limited in our patience, our strength, our loving, our pain and in our effort. We...

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Aborting the harvest –

November 6, 2020 Every sowing brings with it hope and anticipation of a bumper harvest. However there is a period within which patience must be exercised if the seeds sowed are to germinate, grow and...

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Sleep on the Bed you Make!

November 5, 2020 We are living at a time when our words matter little. We can say one thing and a minute later say we never meant it. We are breaking the covenant of our words with will. One main attribute...

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Cast Your Bread!

November 4, 2020 There is nothing as satisfying as doing good without expecting anything in return. Good done for the sake of doing Good has a cunning way of coming back to you. The law of sowing and...

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Be willing to get messy!

November 3, 2020 We quite often tend to have some misconceptions about how God comes to our aid in helping us. But quite often in our desperate hours, the main key to unlocking our miracles is as simple as...

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Pick up your mat!

November 2, 2020 One parallel that can be drawn between many of Jesus healing miracles is that they all came with a sense of ownership and responsibility. In an era where we would rather forget our...

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The Plains of Jericho!

November 1, 2020 No matter how good or smooth our lives may appear to be, there will always be that one thing, one area or one concern in our lives that takes most of our energy. It could be a personal...

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The Voice in the Storm!

October 31, 2020 It’s not unusual in life to find yourself living in conflict to God’s will. We are imperfect and quite often make decisions that are not in line with God’s purpose for us. We respond...

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Stop that Naked walk!

October 30, 2020 Clothing is an integral part of the human life and no matter our position in life, clothing is a basic human need. Jesus talked about clothing the flowers of the field and how He also cares...

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Bumping or touching !

October 29, 2020 Life is lived both at the individual level and at the communal level. There are private things that we choose to keep to ourselves and there is what we choose to let the community know...

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