Better than a Floater!

July 27, 2020 / Comments (0)

If you have ever taken a boat ride, they usually give you those heavy jackets they call life saving jackets. Children who are learning how to swim are given floaters. You are not allowed to get into deep waters without a life saving jacket or a floater. Even when taking flight they have to remind you where your life saving jacket is just incase the flight landed in water. This jacket or floater makes sure that whether you are a swimmer or not, you can float in water should an emergency occur. It’s supposed to hold you and make you float no matter your weight. This reminds me of what the scriptures says about God. Moses reminded the Israelites before his death that in God they have Everlasting Arms beneath for support. Arms that are better than life jackets. This is the Arm that keeps us afloat where others drown and makes us survive where others perish. Many are the times we go through difficult seasons in life and are left wondering how we ever made it. Instances where we are tempted to think it’s over for us but somehow we miraculously survive. We stand to watch others drown in waters that we passed through despite the fact that we are not good swimmers. We watch the mighty fall as we are left standing and it leaves us surprised. Occasionally we do mistakes that can destroy us, but somehow the Everlasting Arms beneath us still provides support. Some of us should be in jail or in the grave right now but God’s Everlasting Arms shielded us. We are what we are today not because we are masters of survival but because we have God’s Everlasting Arms that are better than life jackets. We can be sure of fulfilling our destiny because we have the hidden Floater beneath us. Where are you going through life wondering whether you’ll make it? Where is the tide so strong that you fear drowning? What situation are you in and you wonder whether you’ll make it through? Don’t give in to fear, you may not see it but you have a Floater beneath for support.
“The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.
Deuteronomy 33:27 NIV

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