Do not confuse being idle with waiting on God!

April 26, 2020 / Comments (0)

Life gives all of us with what we call waiting periods. These are transitory period as we wait on God for the next step. The way we manage these moments is crucial in determining the next phase of our lives. Much of life’s wastage takes place between the promise and the miracle. This is especially so because when God promises something we have no way of knowing His timelines. God expects us to be busy as we wait. These maybe moments we can use to acquire new skills, to volunteer to serve or work somewhere. Faith is not idleness and faith in action demands we work even as we wait so that we can make the most of every opportunity. When God promised to bless Abraham, the father of faith did not just sit and wait. The scriptures says he went about digging wells as he prepared for the anticipated blessings. He knew the livestock he will be blessed with as well as his household will need water and used his waiting time digging wells. Those wells were instrumental not only in his lifetime but that of his children. Most of us are at home resting because of the Covid 19 Pandemic with lots of time in our hands. What wells is God impressing you to dig as you wait? Where can you volunteer to help instead of staying idle? Are you actively using your time productively as you wait on God to come through for you? Remember every call that Jesus made was an interruption. All the disciples He called were busy doing something. He is about to call you but as the old song goes, you’ve got to be busy somewhere working for your Lord!

“It will be good for that servant whose master finds him doing so when he returns.” Matthew 24:46 NIV

Last modified: April 26, 2020

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