Do not fear, God is in control!

July 25, 2020 / Comments (0)

Many of us can remember grandma ogre stories when we were young. Those stories used to be quite fascinating and very captivating. The stories that were full of rich lessons painted a real image of oftentimes beautiful or handsome beings who would turn around and hurt their victims families. The appeared real and it was not possible to convince children that ogres were not real beings. Each night was a terror to children as every sound out there at night signified an ogre looking for a prey. The most unfortunate thing however is that we still allow fear to dictate our lives even as adults. Many of the things we fear in life are just like those ogres that we used to be told about. They appeared real but they were just stories. Many people who compromise their destiny unable to move or progress because of fear. The scriptural Account of the prophet Isaiah encouraging king Ahaz of Judah not to fear the combined army of the kings of Syria and Samaria who had come to attack Judah is a good example. The king and his subjects were alarmed and their lives almost came to a stand still because of fear. It took Isaiah to encourage the king not to fear. He even asking the king to ask God for a sign if he needed a physical assurance of God’s protection. Isaiah was bold enough to assure king Ahaz that God will not allow what he feared to happen or take place. Instead of wasting a lot of his time fearing and preparing for something that will never happen, the king was to continue serving his people. That message is very important to us today given the many things that we are afraid of especially with the effects of Covid 19. God is encouraging us to trust him and know that He has everything figured out. Our fear will only affect our progress in the things of life but cannot help us. Only God can come through for us in the face of an unseen virus. Like children lacking sleep because of some imaginary ogres somewhere, we should not allow fear to affect the progress of our lives. We should do what we are supposed to do taking all the necessary precautions we can and then leave God to do the rest. Where is your life at a a standstill because of fear? Where are you compromising your inner peace because of fear? Where are you afraid for something you cannot do anything about? We should never allow the voices of our fear to speak more than those of our faith. Fear is just a waste of time. Nothing can happen that God and us will not handle. Take confidence in God and believe that what the enemy wants you to be afraid of will not happen and it will not take place. Do what is in your powered to do and leave the rest to God!
“Yet this is what the Sovereign Lord says: “ ‘It will not take place, it will not happen,” Isaiah‬ ‭7:7‬ ‭NIV‬‬

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