Don’t you care we are perishing?

July 31, 2019 / Comments (0)

How often does God seem to sleep on us? When we need him most, he is asleep on our conditions. And worse still, he has the habit of sleeping when there is a storm! He appears to care less. Neither the storm nor the commotion we create as we try to save the ship and our own lives seems to awaken him.

“But He was in the stern, asleep on a pillow. And they awoke Him and said to Him, “Teacher, do You not care that we are perishing?”” Mark 4:38 NKJV”

Is this normal? Can’t he feel the effects of the storm am going through? You wait hoping the storm will wake him up but he sleeps all the more seeming not to care. You watch as your business tumbles down, your health deteriorates but he is still sound asleep. We end up asking the familiar question in despair – Don’t you care we are perishing? Don’t you care my family is perishing? Don’t you care my business is perishing? When he awakes, he doesn’t respond to you with concern but rather rebukes you – where is your faith? All along when he was asleep he was still in control! How often do we look at our circumstances and forget that our only way of escape is the sleeping Prince of Peace. Is he asleep in your boat, you are lucky to have him in there -Trust him! Our concern should never be whether he is awake but rather if he is inside the boat. If God does not save you from the fall, he will give you wings to fly!

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