God’s battles!

May 27, 2020 / Comments (0)

Am the kind of a person who doesn’t like sitting in the sidelines as other are actively engaged and always want to be involved. The kind that does not feel comfortable to have others do everything while am just sitting idle. I will always ask for something to do so that I can be engaged. I also know of many people who are similarly wired. Unfortunately in our relationship with God, many are the times He will keep asking us to keep our hands off. The scriptures makes it clear that God only wants us to take our positions and then allow him to fight for us. He is called God of war and requires of us to take our positions and then trust him. No where was this evident like in the account of Moses and the Israelites crossing the Red Sea. The panic and apprehension were real but God asked the people through Moses to stand still and see God fighting for them. The temptation to take things into our hands during difficult times when we feel threatened is real. We want to take matter into our hands and help God. Where are you tempted to help God in your situation preferably because he appears to delay? Where could your temptation to act or take matter into your hand be a sign of fear and unbelief? Where could God be politely asking you to take your hands off? It’s not all battles that God will ask you to fight. God’s instructions is for us to to be still and see his salvation. He is capable of fighting his battles and just requires of us to take our positions by trusting him and then allowing him to work for us. Despite your wanting to fight, He is telling you the battle belongs to him. Take your position of faith, pray and trust him to act on your behalf.
“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus‬ ‭14:14‬ ‭NIV

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