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We ended the year 2019 strong through the ministry of the word in Nakuru Ark Church. It was an opportunity to exhort believers as they come to the end of the year to hold on to the Word of Faith that God has given them. When God finds His people in difficult circumstances, He rarely removes them but rather speaks a word of life into their situations. If believers would hold on to that word irrespective of the darts of doubt thrown to them by the evil one, they are able to go through life strong. God did not create man to live by bread alone or the dictates of their circumstances but rather by the power contained in His word.

It is imperative that we combine the word we hear with faith if it is to benefit us for faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. The enemy of our faith will do everything possible to make us doubt Gods word to us but we must remain steadfast and focus on what God has assured us even if that means believing against the physical evidence. God word never retires and never goes back to Him void without accomplishing its purpose.

It was a joyous moment in the church as we joined the host, Bishop Bithuel Mbugua in celebrating the power of God’s word in our lives.

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