No bounced Cheque!

August 27, 2020 / Comments (0)

Many of us know what it means to be given a cheque only to have it bounce when you take it to the bank. While several reasons can make a cheque to be unpaid the most common is insufficient funds. This is where the issuer is limited in respect of the funds available in their account to be able to make payments. A cheque bouncing can be a very frustrating experiences especially so when one has an urgent use for the money. Perhaps that is one thing that sets God apart from all others. The Scriptures makes it clear that God’s word shall never return to him void. That means it is like a cheque issued by God himself that cannot bounce under whatever circumstances. As long we fulfill the conditions that are spelt in God’s cheque,there is no way it can bounce. It is like that rain that waters the earth and never goes to waste as long as we are prepared to make use of it. We know rain can go to waste if we are not prepared for it maybe to harvest it’s water or to till and sow seed in our lands. Gods word always works and if there are no results, it’s not the rain of his promises but failure on our end to act and do our part. When God made a promise to bless Abraham and make him great, Abraham went into a frenzy and started digging wells all over preparing for the anticipated blessings. He took the word of God literally and acted on it. When we act based on God’s promises, his word always works. It’s easy for cheques from friends to bounce and their words may not count but God’s word always comes to pass. While occasionally the cheque of his promises may appear to take time to clear, you can be sure that He equips us with the grace we need to wait during that period. Where is God asking you to bank on his word today? Where is God’s word having no effect on you because you are not prepared to receive it? What can you do today to build capacity for God’s word in your life? God’s word are like those drops of rain that must be harnessed to help us. It may not have effect on those who hear it and refuse to work on it. God has assured us that his promises are like cheques that can never bounce back if only we cash them in the right way. Act on his promises today!

Last modified: August 27, 2020

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