Rejoicing in Hope!

June 8, 2020 / Comments (0)

Childhood is one of the most fulfilling stages of the human life. Children have so strong faith that enables them believe the absolute good of their parents and their ability to deliver every promise that they make. I envy the excitement I see in the eyes of my children each time I promise them something. They rejoice and maintain that positive assurance that things will turn out just the way I’ve promised. Perhaps this is one main reason why Jesus asked his followers to have the faith of little children. They keep their hope alive irrespective of the circumstances as long as their parents are around. Hope is one of the greatest fuels in the journey of life. A positive expectation that in the midst of the uncertainty, pain and confusion that we face from time to time all shall end well. Hope gives us a deep assurance that our story will not end the way it is. It creates an inner conviction that we are just going through a difficult chapter in the story book of our lives but the book will turn somewhere and have a beautiful ending. Paul the Apostle exalted the Roman believers to rejoice in hope. He asked them to behave like children and rejoice at the promises of God. We don’t have everything we need at the moment; but we can rejoice knowing that it’s coming. Where are you feeling like you’ve nothing to celebrate? Where is all looking dark and gloomy and you’ve nothing to look forward to? Where are you left with nothing tangible apart from the promises of God? We can rejoice in the hope that our story will not end as it appears today. If our children can rejoice because of a simple promise, how much more should we rejoice over God’s many promises all of which are yes and Amen in Christ Jesus. We don’t celebrate because all is well, we celebrate because we know all shall end well!
““Sing, barren woman, you who never bore a child; burst into song, shout for joy, you who were never in labor; because more are the children of the desolate woman than of her who has a husband,” says the Lord.” ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭54:1‬ ‭NIV‬‬

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