I will not forget a girl who can run towards me one evening during one of my trips to Dubai. I was in the company of friends when the girl came towards me and hugged me calling me Pastor Charles. I was taken a back but on further enquiry she reminded me that I prayed for her to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior in Kijabe girls sometimes in 2003. I never imagined such a thing would ever happen to me and God reminded me that my labor in him is not in vain. I love what I do because there is no telling what would be the ripple effect of a transformed life.

Glady’s is one of my friends and followers on social media. She once read a post that was titled, “I wanted Rachael” during one of her most difficult time after losing her only child. She says God ministered grace and peace to her through that article that she held onto, claiming the promises of God. She called me with shouts of joy in September 2019 God having turned her life around and blessed her with twins. Its stories like these that keep me move knowing that every seed of Gods word that is planted in the human heart is never wasted.

When Catherine read my posts and insisted to meet with me over a terrible depression she was fighting, I did not know the best way to encourage her. She had just read a post “Go back and submit” referring the scriptural case of Hagar and Sarah. Catherine felt used by her boyfriend who acted strange on learning that she was pregnant. We discussed with her the possibility of pursuing reconciliation even when she felt reluctant to do so. An year later she called me with excitement to join her wedding committee because God had done it for her. God moved her boyfriend’s heart and that of her parent towards reconciliation and she is today excited that she does not have to raise a child alone. God true to His word has settled Catherine in a family!

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