When bad things turn worse!

April 15, 2020 / Comments (0)

Quite often in life we go through situations that appear to be deteriorating. Difficult situations that can only be described as moving from the flying pan into the fire. These are the seasons where bad things happen and we cry to God to save us but for reasons beyond our comprehension things appear to progress from bad to worse. When we think that things cannot get bad than this, they deteriorate and become worse. This is what happened to Joseph in the scriptures. It was difficult for him to be hated by his brothers and sold as a slave. It was already bad news for him to be work as a slave in Potiphar’s house where he did everything possible to honor God and his master. Instead of receiving the honor that he expected, things got worse for Joseph who found himself in an Egyptian jail as a criminal. This did not happen because Joseph did not love God well enough or because he had some generational sins he had to be punished for. God can allow things to deteriorate for his children’s life primarily to remind us that He controls all the extremes of good and evil. There is not a place we can go where God’s presence is missing. God reigns over all heights and all depths of the universe and even the hell is God’s hell. There is no depth we can sink into where God’s grace cannot find us. When Joseph appealed for be remembered by a fellow prisoner for whom he interpreted a dreams, God made sure he is forgotten just the way many times we are let down by the people we expect to help us. God removed anything that Joseph would hold onto making sure He was the only hope left for Joseph. Where are you going through situations that appear to be becoming worse? Where are you tempted to think that God is out to frustrate you despite your faithfulness to Him? Where is the devil condemning you that you are being punished because of some generational sins in your family? Sometimes things must get worse before they can turn around! The Master may delay until your circumstances are stinking in that grave but don’t you be surprised when it gets worse for He has a way of turning things around from nowhere! He is not only God of the thermostat, He is also God of perfect timings! The temperature and the timer are both in His hands.
“He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters.” Psalm 18:16 NIV

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