A mere entertainer!

July 2, 2020 Quite often life brings with it so many surprise moves that makes its almost impossible for us to be so confident about tomorrow. Things can change overnight and turn upside down when we...

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A Call to Nowhere!

June 30, 2020 Many times when we go for an interview, we take as much time as possible to learn about the job and ask as many questions as possible to have to the role clarified. The interviewers rarely...

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It all starts in the darkness!

June 25, 2020 Have you ever realized that the default of life on earth seems to be negative. Ignorance comes before wisdom and each of us must start by crawling before we can walk, and we must stammer...

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It’s Father’s Day, let us be vulnerable and authentic!

June 21, 2020 Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers out there. It’s a privilege to be a Father and watch your children grow. Fathers give courage to children given the assurance of protection and care....

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Happy Father’s Day!

June 21, 2020 Being a father is a great opportunity and a real privilege. They are indeed blessed those who know the joy of fatherhood and are involved in the life of their families. They put their lives...

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No one can understand my pain!

June 20, 2020 Difficult times have a way of making someone think that their experiences are isolated and nobody else can understand their pain. We get to the temptation of thinking that we are the only...

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Don’t raise my hopes!

June 19, 2020 We all had childhood dreams and fantasies most of which are lying somewhere dead and buried. We no longer talk about them and sometimes a reminder of those dreams pricks a wound we would...

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They are all dead!

June 15, 2020 The English say that once bitten, twice shy. There are some experiences that we go through in life that traumatized us and makes us uncomfortable once we think of revisiting them. It could...

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Keep your gates open!

June 13, 2020 It’s the pride of every business to open its doors to customers. There is a unique feeling that we get when we open our shops and places of business. This is especially so when you do so...

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Fill the jars with water!

June 10, 2020 Much of life is lived in the ordinary and in the common day to day activities that we involve ourselves in. The menial works that we do, the friends we laugh with and the ordinary routines...

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